Brocade Network Advisor (BNA)

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The Brocade Network Advisor is the full network-lifecycle tool that brings all your information together into one simple, easy to use command-and-control application. Just turn it on and start working—all of Brocade’s best practices are built in.

More insights: Get in front of potential problems with monitoring, troubleshooting, configuration, and reporting capabilities available right out of the box. With Brocade Network Advisor, you can spot issues and trends over time and take action on them, fast.

Easy interaction: Manage your physical and virtual networks from a single console. Brocade Network Advisor makes it easy to integrate a wide range of virtualization technologies, storage management platforms, and third-party devices.

Better communications: All team members can access high-level dashboards, inventory, event and report views in one intuitive interface. Easily share your information with others in your organization or with partners—without having to step foot in your data center.

Storage Area Networks - SAN

Faster availability for less cost
Get ahead of potential problems before they have a chance to affect your network’s performance. Brocade Network Advisor helps simplify your SAN operations with fast visibility and deeper insights.

Troubleshoot quickly
Find bottlenecks before performance is affected. Brocade Network Advisor helps you find fabric congestion fast

Dive deeper
Identify, monitor, and analyze data flows at the application level to manage your network capacity more efficiently.

Bring the physical and virtual together
Brocade Network Advisor works seamlessly with virtualization technologies for complete VM-to-LUN visibility and management.

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[PDF] Brocade Network Advisor FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for the Brocade® Network Advisor.

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