Brocade X6 Directors

Unleash performance and deliver operational stability for the virtualized, all-flash data center

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Digital transformation driven by storage innovation requires a modern storage network. Brocade X6 Director family and SX6 Extension Blade combined with Brocade Fabric Vision technology enables customers to drive always-on business operations, eliminate performance bottlenecks, and adapt to the requirements of the digital enterprise.

Always-on business: Hitting your service level agreement (SLA) targets requires network-wide operational stability, maintained through greater control and insight. Brocade X6 Directors provide both, with extensive automation that includes performance monitoring, diagnostics, and error recovery.

Breakthrough application performance: Breakthrough 32 Gbps performance accelerates application response time by up to 71 percent, eliminating IO bottlenecks, and unleashes the full performance of flash and next-generation Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe)-based storage.

Increase productivity with automation: Automate and orchestrate repetitive tasks, enable IT organizations to significantly improve their efficiency, and decrease the risk of operational mistakes to simplify end-to-end management and accelerate operations of large-scale environments.

Future-ready today: Adapt to evolving requirements requires business agility. Brocade X6 Directors adapt and optimize businesses with seamless integration into next-generation NVMe over fabrics and future-ready support for Gen 7 Fibre Channel without a disruptive rip and replace.



Extraordinary Operational Stability

  • The industry’s first integrated network sensors, IO Insight, provides device latency and IOPS metrics to automatically detect degraded application or device performance
  • VM Insight enables Virtual Machine (VM) visibility in a storage fabric to monitor and optimize VM performance and identify VM anomalies
  • Automated monitoring and diagnostics to simplify end-to-end management of large-scale environments  


Accelerated Data Access

  • 32 Gbps links increase performance for demanding workloads
  • 128 Gbps UltraScale ICL connectivity supports infrastructure consolidation
  • Line-rate performance on every port improves application response


Increased Business Agility

  • Highly scalable, Fibre Channel, IP, and FICON extension solution extends replication over distance
  • Seamlessly integrates next-generation NVMe over fabrics without a disruptive rip and replace
  • Seamless FICON connectivity for mainframe storage environments


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