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BroadView™ is a software suite that offers programmable access to the internals of a switch in a fast and scalable manner. It delivers breakthrough solutions for dataplane tasks such as monitoring, congestion control and advanced troubleshooting. The software is offered as an open source for faster innovation and easier integration.

Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are fundamentally transforming data networks by disaggregating vertically integrated boxes and promoting open source technologies. Traditional analytics tools are not good enough to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by SDN such as network programmability, automation and optimization. Broadcom BroadView™ offers rich congestion analytics by facilitating real-time gathering of telemetry in a scalable manner, enabling pro-active congestion monitoring and mitigation. NFV-based multi-tenant networks offer greater ROI to companies, however, such networks are complex to troubleshoot because of lack of visibility. Advanced packet tracing features of BroadView™ delivers unprecedented visibility into packet flows, reducing complexity and increasing optimization of network resources.

BroadView™ API is supported across the industry-leading Broadcom silicon portfolio and delivers excellent application portability and better ROI.

BroadView™ software is available in two packages:

  • An OEM & ODM Development Package (ODP), which is a full source code package distributed under Broadcom SLA
  • A Community Development Package (CDP), which is an Open API library with Application Development Kit distributed on GitHub



Broadview Ecosystem Use Case Videos
These BroadView™ demo videos showcase various ecosystem and partner use cases. Powered by the BroadView™ Agent, partners demonstrate advanced network analytics solutions by integrating their products with BroadView™ technology.”


Broadview Partner Event - Speaker Videos




Broadcom and Microsoft are working together on multiple open networking initiatives, including support of Switch Abstraction Interface project, and BroadView™ open source project. Learn more
Broadcom and HP are working together on multiple networking initiatives. Their common goal is to accelerate innovation in the marketplace by leveraging BroadView™ and OpenNSL open source projects such as OpenSwitch, which is a significant project for cloud networking and the open source ecosystem. Learn more
Huawei and Broadcom are working together to leverage the BroadView™-based advanced analytics data to enhance visibility and telemetry to Huawei's Cloud Fabric Insight solution. Learn more
Lenovo leverages Broadcom’s BroadView Agent in its ThinkSystem Top of the Rack switches, designed for the data center, to provide network insight to the customers. With the goal of simplifying data center implementation and ongoing operations, Lenovo’s Telemetry provides customers a way to learn from the past network incidents, monitor the present and be proactive about the future. Innovative analytics streamlines business operations, allowing the business critical applications to run smoothly. Learn more
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise networking solutions are leveraging Broadcom’s BroadView™ Instrumentation to enable its Intelligent Fabric with advanced application visibility, troubleshooting and control under its Application Fluent Network (AFN). BroadView™ software and AOS will offer a universal and open instrumentation API across its entire product portfolio, accelerating the adoption of SDN in enterprises. Learn more
Broadcom and Juniper Networks are working on networking initiatives, with a common goal of accelerating innovation by leveraging Broadcom’s BroadView™ and OpenNSL open source projects. Juniper is porting the BroadView™ agent to its Broadcom-based switches, and Juniper is implementing BroadView™ clients in the Juniper Cloud Analytics Engine and in Juniper Contrail Networking to gather telemetry from both Juniper and third party networking platforms. Learn more
Calix, the leader in Software Defined Access, is working with Broadcom to integrate BroadView Agent into the Calix AXOS Platform to deliver advanced network analytics to the access network. Learn more
Broadcom and Aricent are working together to build next generation data center telemetry solutions for proactive fault isolation, network convergence and service protection. Aricent is integrating Broadview Instrumentation software with its market leading ISS solution and SDN application suite. Learn more
Broadcom and PLUMgrid are collaborating to provide a powerful analytics and visibility solution, leveraging BroadView Instrumentation, that delivers real-time status of physical and virtual resources in software-defined data centers. Learn more
Cumulus Networks is collaborating with Broadcom to allow Cumulus® Linux® OS to enable BroadView™ software on many hardware platforms, delivering innovative analytics solutions to its customers. Learn more
Broadcom is collaborating with Pica8™ to enable its networking operating system, PicOS™, to deliver unprecedented visibility into packet flows through BroadView™ Instrumentation analytics for software-defined networks. Learn more
Broadcom and Pluribus Networks are collaborating to extend Pluribus’s integrated application flow telemetry with Broadcom’s BroadView™ Instrumentation to deliver deeper visibility into traffic across the entire network fabric. Learn more
Broadcom’s BroadView™ Instrumentation-based analytics enables Big Switch Networks to bring advance visibility and telemetry to its SDN fabric solutions. Learn more
Midokura and Broadcom are collaborating to leverage the BroadView™ API to increase visibility into packet flows and further improve the performance of MidoNet network virtualization. Learn more
Accton Technology and Broadcom are collaborating to enable BroadView™-based platform-agnostic analytics solutions to run on Accton’s Edgecore open network switches through supported Network OS platforms. Learn more
Quanta and Broadcom are collaborating to integrate BroadView™ instrumentation in QCT’s standard and open hardware. Learn more
Broadcom and Interface Masters Technologies are collaborating to enable BroadView™-based monitoring solutions in data centers powered by the white box ecosystem. Learn more
Broadcom and InMon are collaborating to extend sFlow API to deliver Broadcom’s BroadView™-based advanced analytics data to the applications. Learn more
Broadcom and Agema Systems are collaborating to enable BroadView Instrumentation based innovative network analytics solutions on Agemas open platform high performance switching products. Learn more
Broadcom and Inventec are working together to build next generation Telemetry & Analytics solutions to Observe and Control the underlying network infrastructure. By allowing visibility on its white box switches, Inventec is able to offer insights and effective tools to end customers. Learn more
Broadcom and Xena Networks are collaborating to develop advanced test solutions for network analytics leveraging Broadcom’s BroadView™ Instrumentation software suite. Learn more


  • Buffer statistics tracking
  • Packet tracing and injection
  • Black hole detection
  • Performance metrics for BST
  • Drop counters due to congestion
  • Support for StrataXGS and StrataDNX silicon families
  • Reference implementation for applications: OpenStack, OpenDaylight, Ganglia
  • Open source with Apache 2.0 license


  • Carrier and Service Provider Servers (Processors)
  • Routers
  • Software-Defined Networking Solutions
  • Top-of-Rack Switches

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