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Broadcom は、OneConnect® イーサネット・ネットワーク・アダプタの世界中のOEMおよびシステム・インテグレータへのリーディング・プロバイダです。第4世代のCNAのOneConnect®は、企業、クラウド・プロバイダおよび電話会社のニーズを満たすように最適化されており、同時に強力な特徴と機能を提供します


  • 高性能バーチャリゼーション:OCe14000は、標準NICと比較して最大50パーセント高いCPU利用率(注1)を提供し、1台のサーバがサポートする仮想マシン(VM)の数を増やし、スモールパケット・ネットワーク性能を4倍に高めます(注2)。
  • RDMA*によるデータ・アクセラレーション:OCe14000アダプタは、CPUの関与なしにアプリケーション・メモリ間でダイレクトにサーバからサーバへのデータ移動を可能にするRoCE*を利用することで、専用のインフラストラクチャや管理を必要とせずに標準イーサネット・ファブリック上での高スループットとデータ・アクセラレーションを提供します。
  • 迅速、セキュア、スケーラブルなハイブリッド・クラウド接続:Emulex 仮想ネットワーク・エクセレーション™(VNeX) オフロード・テクノロジーは、NVGREやVXLANなどのオーバレイ・ネットワーキング規格のソフトウェアだけの実装よりも最大70パーセント高いパフォーマンス(注1)を提供します。
  • ブロック・プロトコル・パフォーマンスの向上:OCe14000シリーズのアダプタは前世代CNAの2倍のトータル・ブロック・プロトコルIOPSを提供しています(注2)。
  • 集中管理:Emulex OneCommand® マネージャは、すべてのEmulex OneConnectイーサネット・アダプタとLightPulse®ファイバ・チャネルHBAの集中管理を提供します。.

注 1. Based on Emulex Implementers Lab blog
注 2. Based on IT Brand Pulse OCe14000 Performance Test Report

*RoCE/RDMA functionality is only available as a technical preview and is not intended for a production environment


Adapter Type
  • 40GbE 1
  • 10GbE 2
  • 10GBASE-T 1
  • Short wave lasers with LC type connector 3
Host Bus Type
  • x8 lane PCI Express® 3.0 4
  • 4 1
  • 2 3
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Only available to OEMs through Broadcom direct sales


OCe14102B-UX Converged Network Adapter

Converged Network Adapters provides high performance 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) and 40GbE connectivity delivering multiple benefits for the enterprise cloud

OCe14102B-UM Converged Network Adapter

Newest generation, enterprise-class, dual-port 10GbE CAN (supports RoCE* v2). Protocol offloads for stateless TCP/IP, VXLAN, NVGRE plus iSCSI and FCoE storage deliver maximum bandwidth – optics included.

OCe14104B-UX Converged Network Adapter

Newest generation, enterprise-class, quad-port 10GbE CNA(supports RoCE* v2). Protocol offloads for stateless TCP/IP, VXLAN, NVGRE plus iSCSI and FCoE storage deliver maximum bandwidth – supports DAC.

OneCommand Manager for VMware Servers - CNA

Comprehensive streamlined administration of Emulex adapters from VMware vCenter Server management console OneCommand Manager for VMware vCenter Server is a software plug-in that integrates real-time lifecycle management of adapters provided by Emulex into the VMware vCenter console, using the desktop client or the vSphere 5.1 Web Client. This tight integration centralizes and simplifies virtualization management. OneCommand Manager for VMware vCenter Server builds on Emulex Common Information Model (CIM) providers and established OneCommand Manager features to proactively address key data center issues and improve operational efficiency across VMware hosts and clusters. The core functionality delivered includes multiprotocol management (Fibre Channel (FC), FC over Ethernet (FCoE), iSCSI, Network Interface Card (NIC)), online firmware flashing, configuration updates, adapter diagnostics, plus flexible graphical and command line interfaces. IT administrators can use OneCommand Manager for VMware vCenter Server to help accelerate adapter and network deployments, optimize configurations, increase availability and lower costs for VMware host systems. Administrators can use OneCommand Manager for VMware vCenter Server with either the vCenter desktop client or the vSphere 5.1 Web Client.

OneCommand Manager - CNA

Simplify and streamline SAN management while reducing TCO OneCommand™ Manager, the successor to Emulex market proven HBAnyware management application, provides centralized management of Emulex fabric (Fibre Channel HBA) and network (iSCSI UCNA, FCoE CNA and 10Gb/s Ethernet Adapter) connectivity solutions in physical and virtual server deployments through a graphical user interface (GUI) as well as a fully scriptable command line user interface (CLI). OneCommand Manager provides powerful adapter provisioning and diagnostic capabilities helping to increase administration efficiency and business agility.

OneCore Storage SDK Program - CNA

Delivering accelerated, simplified and enhanced driver development tools for unrivaled storage networking performance With the OneCore Storage drivers, we’ve designed their architecture components from the ground up, in an effort to simplify and accelerate the process of developing storage solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the storage array, and storage appliance markets that require enterprise-class, high bandwidth and low latency I/O connectivity.

OneConnect CNA DPDK Driver for NFV Solutions

Telcos around the world have long recognized the value of Emulex I/O solutions. Today’s telcos and carriers look for advanced features that will enable them to quickly develop and deliver quality network services to their customers. By supporting network functions virtualization (NFV) with innovative technology that caters specifically to telcos business requirements, Emulex OneConnect® Ethernet Network Adapters and Converged Network Adapters (CNAs) are the clear choice for an optimum I/O strategy. Support: The OneCommand PMD (poll mode driver) and associated drivers are designed to help design NFV solutions based on DPDK. The Emulex OneCommand PMD and SURF drivers are provided ‘as is’ with no warranty and very limited support. Supported solutions are based on PMD driver running on supported RHEL OS versions and tested with testpmd with unmodified drivers downloaded from The support configurations are documented in the user guide. For additional support we recommend working with the following partners: 6wind ( Additional DPDK providers