Broadband Access Solutions

Connecting the Gigabit Broadband Infrastructure

Getting broadband data to the end consumer requires a robust, high bandwidth infrastructure that reliably delivers data from the core of service provider networks to the access points. By and large, the bottlenecks that inhibit consumers from accessing gigabit broadband services are in the “last mile” links between the customer premise and the operator broadband infrastructure. There are several leading technology implementations across the cable, DSL and fiber infrastructure that enable high data rate broadband in the “last mile.” Each implementation has its own technical and cost challenges.

With one of the industry’s broadest IP portfolios and extensive product experience in broadband applications, Broadcom offers a comprehensive portfolio of broadband access solutions addressing “last mile” challenges for global service providers. From broadband modem ICs for the customer premise to the CMTS/CCAP, DSLAM and OLT SoC platform solutions for the operator broadband infrastructure, Broadcom’s products enable global service providers to deploy next generation broadband access technologies across multiple standards to deliver more bandwidth and faster data speeds to consumers.

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